Friday, August 31, 2012

Gather with Food

We had a gathering with food this past weekend. I haven't done enough research to be able to name the type of gathering so I will not even try. Here is an image of my buffet table:

The menu was based on picnic fare. In the center front is a plate of toast cruets. I have no idea if that is something that would have been offered, and it was supposed to be biscuits, but honestly after making everything else.... we just made toast from store bought bread. Sorry.

Surrounding the toast from left to right is pickled tongue with mustard, baked chicken and hard boiled eggs.

In addition there were (on the left) sliced tomatoes, potato salad, baked beans, (on the right) pickled onions, butter, (in the back) apple pie, vanilla custard and green tomato pie.

Besides the toast, I cheated with the potato salad. I had tried a period version of potato salad and it turned out horrible, so we went with a modern version. It really isn't much of a stretch though because the ingredients for the sauce is very similar to those found in modern mayonnaise. I also used modern butter, brown mustard and (not pictured) vanilla ice cream.

There were 7 in attendance and there was plenty left over. Everyone enjoyed the meal.

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