Monday, May 14, 2012


From The Practical Cook Book, 1850

Mash finely one pound of boiled white potatoes, add half a pint of milk, one ounce of flour, one ounce of butter, one egg well beaten, a little salt, mix well and bake in a buttered dish half an hour, serve with sugar and butter."

This is a simple recipe so I will not give a translation and no research was needed.

Conclusion: This dish is basically thin, baked mashed potatoes. The taste of flour was obvious but the children ate it and liked it. There are two recipes for potato pudding in this cook book. The first recipe called for 3 eggs instead of 1 egg and flour. When I make this again, I will add the extra eggs and not use the flour. I am not sure if this should be served warm or cold. We ate it after it cooled off.

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